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Hi, my name is Lance Ong and I am first, a Writer. Yes, that’s my profession — writing. Read slowly, don’t skim because that is how you can hear my author’s voice.


I have the secret to keeping you young forever. It’s the real fountain of youth. Let’s start by first talking about reality, then the product, then get to know me better. This anti-ageing supplement is a direct sales product. It’s not available just anywhere. It’s really special, exclusive, and powerful. Consume it and it will slow down your ageing to the point it seems like you are forever young.


Ready to know more? Let’s begin.


Reality of Life In Singapore…

What I have for you is a story. This story will brighten your day and give you perspective on how others are living through this COVID-19 Pandemic. People are going unemployed, the economy is in shambles, plus there is disease in the air.


If you look at the news, the world is in disaster. Natural disasters like floods and fires, man-made disasters like homelessness and joblessness.


What To Do In A Pandemic?

In times of world crisis, one good thing you can do is bunker down — get fit and get young. There isn’t much money coming in anyway, but I can still get stronger and even younger. All I need is a sport, like swimming for ladies and a gym membership for guys. It’s possible to get younger and stronger. As the economy falls into shambles, doesn’t mean we have to.


On Watching People In The Gym…

Something I discovered since I started going to the gym is that watching people exercise gives you perspective on life. You see, there are many different kinds of bodybuilders. Some are beginner, and many have huge muscle build, but no one looks alike; everyone is unique. While watching the guys exercise, I can see whether they would be my customer or what would they buy and use; or can we guess what is their profession? That is a kind of perspective that comes from just being in an environment with other people.


Why Go Out To Exercise?

Going out to exercise is very helpful in getting your mind unstuck and giving you perspective on life just by watching other people and their characteristics; the situations and interactions they are in; listening to topics by eavesdropping and talking with others.


Making Money In An Economic Downturn

So we are younger and stronger, but how do we make money when the economy is in shambles? No one is buying, everyone is hard up for cash. No one patronises, everyone hides at home. Setting up a business is a challenging affair that could leave us bankrupt if we fail. Job applications are not being answered. How do we make money in this world economic disaster situation?


It’s Hard To Get A Job…
A good job is the steadiest way to survive. BUT it is not easy to get hired. Nowadays, companies hire you directly from your LinkedIn Profile. So you got to learn to get online and do up this social media profile. I, myself got hired for a job as a telephone psychic reader with a company called Life Reader, just by being listed on LinkedIn as an Angel Reader.


Becoming Your Own Boss
Then there are those of us that apply and apply for jobs, but receive no responses or indications of interest from the companies. For this kind of locked up situations, I suggest striking out on your own as a self-employed. This means you must know your strengths and talents; then carve out a niche service for yourself. Advertise your own business and receive customer enquiries.


Direct Selling as a viable business model.
I am a Writer turned Psychic Reader turned Salesman. Nowadays, I do direct selling as well. And I agree it is possible to make a living as a salesman. I sell anti-ageing products to the elderly.


Rationale: The world is an ageing population. Baby Boomers make up a majority of the people we need to save and extend their lifespans. There is a huge market in selling anti-ageing products to Baby Boomers — now around 56 – 74 years old. Born between 1946 – 1964. Think about it: They are financially well-established and they want to be young and healthy. Perfect customer for you. Sell them the anti-ageing product. Let them be young again. We are at the stage of genetic science where we can actually buy life with money.


But First, I am a Writer…
Writing is my first profession. So combining Writing with Salesmanship, we get The Art of Copywriting — which is salesmanship in print. Combining your talents is one way you can break through to new levels in life. See which of your talents can be combined to create a new product or service. Below is an example of my copywriting — how I would sell the anti-ageing product if all I had to reach you was my trusty typewriter.


*** START ***

The Truth
Getting old is a fact of life. Day by day, we are getting older. We compare our current faces with pictures from our yesteryears — looking for differences and where have we aged….


We are not getting any younger and even eating healthily and exercising can slow down our ageing but not stop it or make us younger.


Is there anything on the forefront of medical science that can give us back our youth and vitality?


The Benefits

We would like to live to see our children grow up. We would like to take them to the Water Parks, the Zoo, the River Safari, Toys R Us and more. We would like to be strong enough to carry them, or hold their hands and walk with them.


Old But Young & Strong Again…

Life is hard. We need our bodies to be fit and energetic; youthful and vigorous, to maintain our competitive edge in the workforce or while working our own business.


We need maximum rejuvenation from our herbs, vitamins, and minerals we consume. Do you supplement your diet? Do you know what to take in that will help keep you young and healthy?


The Origin
Since Time Immemorial… There Was The Imperial Search For The Secret of Youth. Picture This: Chinese Imperial Doctors Pressure-Cooking a Heavenly Pearl Of Youth — Xiān Dān; boiling and cooling herbal balls in a Phoenix Furnace. Offering one Heavenly Medical Pearl for 5 taels of gold.


The Future
The modern Elixer of Youth has been developed by advanced genetic research combined with mixing ancient herbs — carefully prepared in modern laboratories. It is now possible to stay younger for longer.


The Promise

Never age a single day in your life. Holds your age constant. Lock your age.

Increased energy and vigour to work and mental alertness to make money.

More time and energy to spend with loved ones; especially children.

Look and feel younger; it’s your secret for keeping you young.

Keeps grandparents youthful and energetic; increases lifespan.

The Product – Ageloc R2 & Y-Span

Finally, supplements that work on the gene expression of your human body. Able to promote Youth Gene Clusters in your human cells, which reverses your body age to its younger years. Made of the finest medicinal herbs and ingredients sourced from all over the world.


The supplements also purifies the cells of your human body — removing free radicals and detoxing the cell; giving you cleaner, healthier cells which in turn make you younger. The product also works on the mitochondria of the cells (cellular energy production mechanism), which is what gives you more energy all day and night.


Watch These Videos To Know More About AgeLOC Anti-Ageing Supplements.

Pharmanex Ultimate Duo – what’s in ageLOC Y-Span & ageLOC R2? [Time 0:52]
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ageLOC Y-span Science with Joe Chang [Time 10:25]
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ageLOC Y-Span and Joe Chang: Perfect Partners [Time 3:02]
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6 Months Supply of Ageloc R2 and Youth-Span for $2470.

A Full Set of Ageloc Ultimate Duo On My Trusty Poang Armchair…

Order Now

SGD $2470 For Ageloc R2 Y-Span Duo Set (6 Months Supply in 18 Bottles of 3 Types of Supplements). Lock your age. Never age anymore. Stay young. 


Order Now by Calling or WhatsApp Lance Ong: +65 8878 8892


A Look At Ageloc R2 and Y-Span’s Ingredients…

Ageloc R2 Day Ingredients

Ageloc R2 Night Ingredients

Ageloc Y-Span Ingredients

Get AgeLOC R2 and Y-Span for $2470 SGD.

Make an order by leaving your name and number in a message to me.

I’ll contact you to arrange payment and to bring you the product.


    About Lance Ong

    Lance Ong is a distributor of NuSkin products. He first sought out the company for its anti-ageing products to combat his accelerated ageing. He just walked into the main office without a distributor license and tried to buy the product. Fortunately, Lance met his old school friend, Shawn Mark, who helped him finalise the sale.


    The product worked like a miracle. Lance got his youthful form in a matter of weeks of consistent consumption of the supplements. Today, Lance thanks NuSkin Pharmanex for its good and powerful ageLOC products.


    Call Lance Ong today for a free consultation that tells you more about the ageLOC R2 & Y-Span that keeps you younger for longer through the power of genetic science. Call or Whatsapp Lance to arrange a meetup now: +65 8878 8892


    *** END ***


    Was that good work? This is a real product that really works miracles for the elderly or those of us that want to maintain our youth. It can really make you young again.


    **Coffee Date**
    Want to meet me up for Coffee in Singapore? I got many things to tell you besides getting young and healthy. I am a professional psychic Angel Reader, so I can tell you some things about your future as well. Writing is my passion, so if you have anything regarding writing to discuss — authorship, publishing; writing style or guerrilla marketing for writers — you are welcome to call me up and lets set up a coffee chat; talk about life and making money; keys to success and techniques and methods to getting young again. Contact me to chat. WhatsApp +65 8878 8892


    Here are my other websites, so you know more about my background. I am 38 this year. Married 5 years ago. Still seeking my success. Hungry for success.


    Okay, here it is… The Motherload of my hard work:
    Psychic Angel Reader
    Master Trainer Of NLP


    Click the links above to check them out. Then come back and read this last paragraph.


    “Goodbye For Now” 
    Thank you dear friend, for journeying this far with me into the text. Remember, you can easily talk to me about your life problems. I like helping people. Did I mention that I am a Certified Life Coach trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and am a Master Trainer of NLP? Normally I charge $150 per hour to solve problems for people. But for today, money should not be a barrier to your success. I’ll do it for free. Really, talk to me about anything. I have an open mind. The microphone is all yours. Call or Whatsapp me, Lance Ong: +65 8878 8892.


    What This Product Works On…

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    Ageloc Youth Span

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    Reading In My Spare Time…

    Hi there… you’re still around. This is what I like to do. I lay down on my beanbag and take a read of a good book. This book is on Machine Learning. It is the hot new subject of the century. If you can program machine learning programs, you are in the pipeline to make a million. But… it’s not easy, bro. I tried learning it. Really difficult. :p

    Staying Young

    If you read the literature about anti-ageing, I am sure you will find many of the ingredients they recommend in the books, already packed and present in the Ageloc Duo Anti-Ageing Supplements. I started taking these Anti-ageing supplements when I was 36. Now I am 38. It seems to hold your age constant. You don’t age at all. It’s good stuff that keeps you young. Take it consistently, and it will lock your age at when you started supplementing. 5 years later, you’ll look the same as you did 5 years ago. It’s really amazing.

    My Hobby: Creating Social Change

    In my spare time, I campaign for social causes. I am a social activist. I help create social change. You know the money the Singapore Government distributed to all people during the COVID-19 Pandemic? It has something to do with me!

    $888 SGD Singapore! Give Staple Cash To People To Spend At Your Country’s Businesses.

    Give Staple Cash To People To Spend At Your Country’s Businesses. Issue By Statutory Money Printing Rights. Print Money And Issue To All Citizens –– a Radical and Bold Move by The Singapore Government.


    Like my campaign video? The Singapore Government Distributed Billions of Dollars.


    Tell me what you would like to do with your youth and energy. Buying the anti-ageing supplements is one of the wisest decisions you could make in your lifetime.


    Get in contact with me – Lance Ong. My WhatsApp: +65 8878 8892 

    I like reading and writing and working out. A gym membership really helps maintain your body youth and fitness. Exercising at the gym, in addition to anti-ageing supplements will lock your age and give you youth and vigour. You can do it. Even in these pandemic times. Get young and strong again. Lock your age. I really wish all of you health, wealth, and happiness.


    I am going to sign off now. You know my number. You can leave me your number by the contact form below. I will WhatsApp you. We can talk about life and things.


    Tip For Success In Life…

    You can surmount any trouble with the right knowledge, understanding, and focused effort. In a life which has been very hard for me, I learned that to achieve you must do the right thing with focused, concentrated action. Learn from the best teachers, then put their knowledge into action. Don’t just try to do it yourself. Get help. You need guidance and training. Get good people to help you. Pay them even. Outsource.


    With this kind of firepower and your own concentrated action, you can breakthrough most barriers. You will achieve. I can almost guarantee your success.


    You could use a friend like me. I am very congenial and breakthrough ingenious. I can help. Contact me. Even if you don’t buy my supplements, at least you have a precious new friend. You can try…. If you’re open to it, WhatsApp Me. +65 8878 8892


    “I don’t know how you are going to transform my life, Lance, but I’m going to trust you.”


    “I know you’re good Lance, you have real power. I’m going to talk to you for an hour.”


    “Lance Ong, you could be my Guardian Angel. Thanks for Helping. Thanks a Million.” 


    Leave Your Contact. I’ll Message You.



      One Chance This Lifetime…

      Sometimes you come across someone only once in your lifetime. I believe this is such a moment. Although I may never see you again, I do wish you all the best in your endeavours. If you do wish to take advantage of this opportunity to meet me, do leave me your contact in the form above. We’ll be friends. Casual at first. Maybe success together later. Life is full of possibilities. You never know what may unfold. Just Trust and Have Faith in God.


      Lance Ong
      Creative Writer



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